Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.11.02

Edward Thomson

I’m always fascinated to see how people take the flexibility of the Azure DevOps platform and stretch it to the limits. This week, people are creating pipelines for containers, NuGet packages and even retrocomputers!

DevOps for a Commodore 64? Sure, you’re doing DevOps for your production web application. And yes, you’ve got a pipeline that builds your node.js app. And no doubt you’ve got a pipeline to deploy it to the cloud. That’s all great… but do you have DevOps for your Commodore 64? Tony Landi does. 🤯

Configuring a Build Pipeline on Azure DevOps for an ASP.NET Core API When you’ve got a pipeline set up with Azure DevOps, the next step is monitoring: Bruno Garcia shows you how to create an Azure DevOps pipeline for your .NET project and integrate it with Sentry for enhanced release tracking, informative deploy emails, and assignee suggestions for new errors.

GitHub and Azure Pipelines ASP.NET Core builds and releases never looked so good. Eric Anderson takes a look at the simple integration between your source code repository hosted on GitHub and a CI/CD pipeline built with Azure Pipelines.

Configure CI/CD for Azure Container Instances using Azure / Azure DevOps Pipelines Are you using containers yet? Containers are fast becoming the preferred way to package, deploy, and manage cloud applications, and Mohit Goyal shows you how to build and deploy with containers using Azure DevOps.

Creating a NuGet Build Pipeline for Powershell Modules within VSTS NuGet packages are great for dependencies, but creating them can be a pain. And like we do with anything painful, let’s automate it to simplicity! Justin Rice does just that with an Azure Pipeline to product and publish a NuGet package.

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