Cascadia Code 1910.04

Kayla Cinnamon

Cascadia Code has received a major update with some new characters! You can download the latest version of the font from the GitHub releases page and it is also shipped in the latest update of the Windows Terminal.

👉 Note: The Terminal will use its shipped version over the separately installed version from GitHub, however it will use font fallback when needed. This means you will still receive the new characters and glyphs in the Terminal, but any changes to the original character set will not be reflected until your Terminal receives the update.

Latin Characters

Cascadia Code now includes Latin-1 characters! The full ISO-8859-1 glyph set along with other character tweaks have been added by Aaron Bell (@aaronbell), the font designer.

Box Drawing Glyphs

Box drawing glyphs are now included in Cascadia Code! A huge thank you goes out to Aaron Bell and Martin Anderson (@mdtauk) for contributing these glyphs to the font. 😊


We have just published our roadmap for Cascadia Code on GitHub. Some highlights include converting the GitHub pipeline to allow more people to contribute as well as the addition of a weight axis and Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, Hebrew, and Arabic characters.


If you ever have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out to Kayla (@cinnamon_msft), Rich (@richturn_ms), or Aaron (@aaronbell) on Twitter or file an issue on GitHub. We hope you like these latest additions! 😊


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  • Евгений Кисельгов 0

    Box Drawing Glyphs, really? Welcome back to 80th. I think, if you need a box glyphs, you need a Window UI. 🙂

  • Jason Kohlhoff 0

    ANSI Art in Windows Terminal is going to kick ass!

  • Dana 0

    Imo one of the best font rendering I’ve witnessed on Windows system was from using this font family, although I really have to get this out, man, I wish someone can fix that crook tilde. I don’t know how to edit one symbol in a custom fashion, but that tilde was really pissing me off: ~ it’s going upward left to right. I’m a UX/UI designer and I got those pixel eyes. The crookedness is very significant if examined on standard 96 dpi monitor (think 1080p on 24″)

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