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Build your API with DAB. Build your client with Kiota!

Project Kiota is a code generation engine from Microsoft that reads the OpenAPI specification emitted from any REST endpoint and then creates reusable client code in CSharp, Go, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, and TypeScript. Kiota is a byproduct of Microsoft Graph, a sophisticated REST endpoint that required developers to write boilerplate ...

Data API builder Now Supports ENV Files

In September, Data API builder (DAB) revved with some great new features. In this article we’ll talk about controlling environment variables with ENV files. What is Data API builder? DAB is an open source, cross-platform engine that creates instant REST & GraphQL APIs for your database - MySQL, Postgres, Cosmos DB or Microsoft SQL. Without any code, DAB uses only a JSON configuration file that explains how to access your data and what objects to expose.