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Azure REST API Guidelines Update

Providing APIs that are easy to use, fit to purpose, scalable, maintainable, and consistent make the difference between success and failure for your software. The guidelines help Microsoft engineering teams, and others building REST services, create APIs that are approachable, sustainable, and consistent.

Process Azure Digital Twins data updates with the new Azure Function Extension Libraries **Beta**

The goal of this post is to demonstrate the new Azure Function Extension Libraries (Beta) for a secretless configuration of an IoT system managed by Azure Active Directory. This post will show how data is flowing from Azure Digital Twins to Event Hubs and consumed by an Azure Function with using secrets stored in configuration.

Azure SDK management library highlights from Microsoft Build

We're excited to share highlights and announcements about our new Azure management libraries from Microsoft Build last month. We've released a series of libraries for the new Azure services that we announced there. In this blog post, we'll also provide major updates on our overall product availability and roadmap.