Introducing the new Azure SDK Resource Management Libraries for JavaScript and Go

Nick Zhu

We’re excited to announce that a new set of Azure management libraries for JavaScript and Go are now in Public Preview. These libraries follow the Azure SDK guidelines. The libraries share a number of core features: unified authentication protocols, HTTP retries, logging, transport protocols and so on. We believe that these new libraries will provide a better development experience, will be easier to learn and integrate into your management scenarios. You can get these libraries using your favorite package manager / repository, such as for Go and npm for JavaScript.

The initial services we support for these new management libraries are:


  • App Service
  • Compute
  • Features
  • Key Vault
  • Links
  • Locks
  • Managed Applications
  • Network
  • Policy
  • Resources
  • SQL
  • Storage
  • Web PubSub


  • AgFood Platform
  • API Management
  • Authorization
  • Compute
  • Container Registry
  • Container Service
  • Cosmos DB
  • Event Grid
  • Event Hub
  • Key Vault
  • Monitor
  • Network
  • Operational Insights
  • PostgreSQL
  • Private DNS
  • Redis
  • Resources
  • Service Bus
  • Storage

For a complete list of new management libraries on JavaScript and Go, refer to our releases page for JavaScript and Go.

Why did we create these new libraries

In June 2020, we previewed our first set of new management libraries. At the time our goal was to enhance the productivity of developers managing Azure resources by providing idiomatic, consistent, approachable, diagnosable, and dependable code to easily integrate with Azure resources. We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’ve incorporated many of your suggestions and requests. Finally, we understand that ease of use, service coverage, documentation, and consistency are equally important when it comes to resource management with Azure SDKs. You can learn more about our motivation on this blog post.

It has been a year since the initial effort. We currently have over 300 resource management packages on Java /.NET / Python / JavaScript and Go, and more in plan. We wanted to thank everyone who has tried the new libraries and provided the feedback.

What’s next

In addition to the release updates for JavaScript and Go, we also wanted to share what’s coming next.

Service coverage for JavaScript / Go management libraries

We know that service coverage is an important factor when using those Azure resource management libraries, and often multiple services are used together to build solutions. We plan to continue to ship more packages to provide broader service coverage for JavaScript and Go.

Continued update & support on existing libraries

We will update the existing released management libraries to ensure that they reflect the latest state of each Azure service. Furthermore, we monitor all our Azure SDK GitHub repositories so we can respond to issues reported by customers in a timely manner. Let us know how we are doing and feel free to submit feedback via GitHub issues. You can find the links to those repos at the end of this blog post.


Here is a list of links on how to use the new resource management libraries per language:

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