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Best practices for using Azure SDK with ASP.NET Core

If you are developing an ASP.NET Core application, you know that there is a common way of structuring your application. The tooling within Visual Studio makes this very easy to accomplish. Similarly, when integrating the AZURE SDK, there are good and bad ways to structure your code. This article covers the best practices.

Enabling distributed tracing with the Azure SDK for Python

Todays topic is diagnostics with Python applications. I have a fairly complex application, and something is going wrong. Azure provides a capability within Azure Monitor called transaction monitoring that tracks a transaction (such as an API call) from your application all the way through to the service that fulfills the request. This is power

Building the Azure SDK – Repository Structure

The Azure SDK team generates many client libraries across multiple languages, so it should come as no surprise that we constantly think about the most efficient mechanism for storing, writing, and distributing those libraries. In an ongoing series, we're going to talk about some of the decisions we made and the implications of those decisions...

Pluggable HTTP Modules with the Azure SDK for Java

When we re-imagined the Azure SDK, we came up with some key principles that we would use when writing the SDK: There are more details behind these simple principles, but these are our guides when designing the client libraries. When we designed the initial HTTP pipeline for the Azure SDK for Java, we made specific choices that are ...