Mike Kistler

Principal Program Manager, Azure SDK

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Azure’s approach to versioning and avoiding breaking changes

Learn about the philosophy of Azure versioning and the process and tools we use to avoid breaking changes.

Describing a real API with Cadl: The Moostodon story

Learn how Cadl and Kiota were used together to model the Mastodon API and generate a working Mastodon client.

The value of Cadl in designing APIs

This blog post describes the new Cadl API design language and its benefits for API authoring.

It just takes time. Updated guidance on Azure long-running operations.

Developers hate waiting, but sometimes it's necessary. When we know something is going to take time in Azure, it's modeled as a long-running operation (LRO). We've recently updated our guidance on LROs in our REST API guidelines.

API Definitions as Developer Contracts

APIs are our contracts with developers. This post will introduce you to how we approach defining and managing API definitions in Azure.

Azure REST API Guidelines Update

Providing APIs that are easy to use, fit to purpose, scalable, maintainable, and consistent make the difference between success and failure for your software. The guidelines help Microsoft engineering teams, and others building REST services, create APIs that are approachable, sustainable, and consistent.