Trying the Latest TypeScript Build

Starting with release, you can now update the TypeScript language services file, the compiled JavaScript that powers most of the TypeScript editor features in Visual Studio. This includes tasks like error reporting, compile-on-save, renaming, go to definition, completion lists, signature help, and others. By updating your TypeScript ...
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Walkthrough: Interfaces

When we talk about a type in TypeScript, we mean a collection of things that you can do with a variable (or expression). You might be able to read or write a given property, call a function, use the expression as a constructor, or index into the object. Some objects (like Date) in JavaScript can do nearly all of those! In TypeScript, ...
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Announcing TypeScript 0.8.2

We’re happy to announce the 0.8.2 preview release of TypeScript.  This release has been focused on  addressing key usability feedback and filling in tooling experiences.  Along the way, we’ve also incorporated some of the highest-rated feature requests and bugfixes. JSDoc Support Being able to see API documentation ...
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Working on 0.8.2

We’ve recently branched for the upcoming 0.8.2 release of TypeScript.  Before we talk about what’s new, we wanted to talk a bit about the engineering process that goes into making a release.Going forward, TypeScript development will happen across three types of branches.  Our current two branches of 'master' and 'develop...
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