Announcing TypeScript 1.5 Alpha

Today we’re announcing TypeScript 1.5 Alpha, the first preview of the TypeScript 1.5 release.  This release shows off many of the features that will be in the final TypeScript 1.5 release.  In the alpha release, you’ll be able to use three new capabilities of the TypeScript tools: a richer ES6 experience, decorators, and ...
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Guest Post: Gil Amran talks about using TypeScript at Wix

I'm pleased to share a contributed post from one of TypeScript's community members.  Today, guest writer Gil Amran from the Wix development team talks about using TypeScript to build WixStores, some of the advantages and challenges of using TypeScript, and what they learned doing so. A big "thanks!" to Gil for telling us about the ...
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Angular 2: Built on TypeScript

We're excited to unveil the result of a months-long partnership with the Angular team. This partnership has been very productive and rewarding experience for us, and as part of this collaboration, we're happy to announce that Angular 2 will now be built with TypeScript.  We're looking forward to seeing what people will be able to do with ...
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