Working on 0.8.2

Jonathan Turner [MS]

We’ve recently branched for the upcoming 0.8.2 release of TypeScript.  Before we talk about what’s new, we wanted to talk a bit about the engineering process that goes into making a release.

Going forward, TypeScript development will happen across three types of branches.  Our current two branches of ‘master’ and ‘develop’ stay, taking the roles of stable and cutting edge development as before.  We’re also going to be adding branches for each of the upcoming releases, so that they each release can stabilize.  The current 0.8.2 release is wrapping up, and you can watch the stabilization process by going to the CodePlex repo and selecting “release-0.8.2” in the dropdown.  For more information, there’s also a wiki page with more details about the separate branches.

We’re currently working on the 0.8.x release train, which is focused on addressing key usability feedback and filling in tools experience.  In parallel, design work on the upcoming 0.9.x release train is underway, in which we expect to address some of the larger TypeScript language changes that are under discussion on the TypeScript forums and issue tracker.  More details on early 0.9.x design thinking coming in a future post.

The 0.8.2 release will include, among other features and bug fixes, these popular requests:

  • We’ve moved our build system for the compiler and language service from nmake to Jake.  This should make it much easier to build TypeScript on non-Windows systems.
  • We’ve simplified and expanded –out, which can now also accept a directory as an argument.  This allows users to target a directory when compiling external modules and should help alleviate a class of issues new users encounter by trying to both using the ‘import’ statement and passing a filename to –out.
  • Our watch functionality (available through –watch) should now be more reliable and work in more situations, allowing a compile-on-save workflow on the commandline when using the npm-based TypeScript compiler.
  • Numerous bugfixes
  • Much more!  We’ll show off more of the new features in the official 0.8.2 release announcement.

As always, you can follow the work on CodePlex, and share any feedback on the forums and issue tracker.


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