Introducing TypeScript npm nightlies

To make it easier to try out the very latest in TypeScript, we're now publishing the TypeScript nightly npm package.  You can try this out using:npm install -g typescript@nextWe've set this to update each night, and we timestamp each release.  You can see what version you're on with the --version commandline switch:C:\Users>tsc --...
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Announcing TypeScript 1.5

Today we’re happy to announce the release of TypeScript 1.5.  This release took an alpha, a beta, and your help to get here.  It’s a big one, so let’s get started! TypeScript 1.5 is part of the newly released Visual Studio 2015.  You can also get a separate download for Visual Studio 2013, npm, and straight ...
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The TypeScript Team is Hiring!

The TypeScript team is hiring!  We’ve been growing, and we have lots of exciting plans ahead. Here are some of the things you’ll do as part of the TypeScript team: Work on the compiler – Every compiled language needs a compiler, and TypeScript has a good one.  As we add language features and continue to align with...
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