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Stories from people who are creating the tools and technologies that power startups.

How to build a Multi Aspect Sentiment Insights engine

Learn how to use Multi Aspect Sentiment Insights technique for analyzing text that categorizes data by aspect and identifies the sentiment attributes from natural language processing. This machine learning technique is used to analyze customer reviews by associating specific sentiments with different aspects of a product.

Moving from servers to server(less)

Akari’s cloud-native journey spanned 12 months, moving from servers to serverless for core applications. In this article we’ll be talking about what we wish we did, development considerations for bootstrapping a project, ops and observability ups and downs, and how we optimize cost across our platform.

How we use Nuxt at The NuxtJS Company

This is the story of how we re-architected our website at NuxtJS so we could launch our new docs. How we got rid of servers to use the new content module and added linters and testing. The goal was to make sure we could easily scale it with new content, a new design, make it easier for translators and have a better developer experience.