Additions and Updates to Microsoft Build of OpenJDK

Bruno Borges

Today we are excited to share two new additions to the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK family of LTS (Long Term Support) binaries: OpenJDK 11 and OpenJDK 17 binaries for Alpine Linux, and OpenJDK 11 for macOS on Apple Silicon. Other platforms have also been updated to the latest versions of OpenJDK following the tags 11.0.14 and 17.0.2. As previously stated, Microsoft no longer publishes updates to OpenJDK 16 as this is not an LTS version.

Microsoft Build of OpenJDK for Alpine Linux

Java developers familiar with Azure App Service may be aware that the service makes use of Alpine Linux for Linux-based deployments. As part of Microsoft’s plan to roll out Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, and Eclipse Temurin to Azure services, the Microsoft Java Engineering Group backported Project Portola to OpenJDK 11. Microsoft has also submitted a patch of the backport for OpenJDK 8 to the Eclipse Adoptium project. Project Portola implemented changes to OpenJDK that allow the project to be compiled with the musl C library. Microsoft Build of OpenJDK 17 now also has a binary for Alpine Linux.

Microsoft is collaborating with other OpenJDK vendors, some of whom have already worked on similar backports, to propose these changes to the mainline of the OpenJDK 8 (jdk8u) and OpenJDK 11 (jdk11u) branches. The source code of the changes required to enable this backport can be found on the download page of the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK.

Early Access of OpenJDK 11 for macOS on Apple Silicon

In 2021, Microsoft proposed and implemented JEP 388 Windows/AArch64 Port, which was completed and released as part of OpenJDK 16. This work helped pave the way for the implementation of the JEP 391 macOS/AArch64 Port. Today we are happy to share that Microsoft has backported JEP 391 to produce and release an Early Access binary of OpenJDK 11 for macOS on Apple Silicon. The source code of the changes required to enable this backport can be found on the download page of the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK.

Zulu for Azure EOL and Legacy Container Images

As previously announced last year on June 30th, 2021, the Zulu for Azure builds of OpenJDK are no longer supported or updated by Microsoft and Azul Systems since January 1st, 2022, and therefore customers should upgrade as soon as possible to other OpenJDK binaries such as Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, Temurin by Eclipse Adoptium, or Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK.

The following container images are no longer updated:

Starting July 1st, 2022, these images may no longer be available on the Microsoft Container Registry (MCR). Please update your Dockerfiles accordingly and in advance of this date.

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Binaries and installers of Microsoft Build of OpenJDK can be downloaded, or installed through the usual package managers: winget, Homebrew, apt/yum. All container images have also been updated accordingly. We also provide vanity URLs for automation, to always point to the latest minor version of a given major version of OpenJDK.


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