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App Center Build Adds Cloning of Existing Build Configurations

Over the course of the last few months, we have heard your feedback that you would love to use your existing configured branches as a basis for new build configurations. We’re excited to let you know that one of several improvements coming to our Visual Studio App Center Build service is the ability to clone build configurations from existing

Visual Studio App Center: Changing the Way you Handle App Data

Data. We’re aiming to solve some of the biggest problems associated with data. The App Center Data service, currently in preview, lets you manage, sync, and persist your application data in the cloud across different devices and platforms in both online and offline scenarios. Whether it’s global data that every user can see or private account

Moving from Node.js to .NET Core

Here on Visual Studio App Center, our platform is built as a set of microservices, which has afforded teams to make language and platform choices that work best for them, and ultimately allowed us to move and iterate quickly

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Introducing Push to User for Visual Studio App Center

We made some recent changes to Visual Studio App Center that enable our customers to associate app users with their data in App Center. App Center customers can use this user association to send push notifications to specific users through App Center Push. In this article, I’ll explain how it all works.

Introducing Visual Studio App Center Auth

For the past few months, the team has been working to develop a seamless identity management service to easily manage user identities at scale in Visual Studio App Center. Today, we’re really excited to launch App Center Auth in early preview!

Improvements to Visual Studio App Center Distribution

Earlier this year we started an effort for widespread customer outreach to understand our users and guide product prioritization. The effort helped us gain a lot of insight and helped our prioritization last quarter. However, as we continue to grow, we unfortunately don’t have the capacity to reach out to as many customers as we would like.

Faster Android Tests and NUnit 3

Xamarin.UITest is a popular C# testing framework which works great with both native and cross-platform apps, using frameworks like Xamarin. Today I’m happy to announce two updates we have made to the UITest framework, in the form of a performance boost for cloud tests and adding NUnit 3 support both locally and in the cloud. 

Announcing Visual Studio App Center Integration with PlayFab: Better Tools For Better Player Engagement

In January of 2019 Microsoft announced the acquisition of PlayFab, a complete backend of services for building and growing cloud connected games. Seeing that Visual Studio App Center and PlayFab shared common goals, and complimentary services, we started looking for ways we could offer a shared experience to bring greater value and new capabilities to our customers.

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Announcing MBaaS Service Retirement

We are discontinuing efforts in the Auth, Data and Push services and working to retire these preview services in App Center. With this change, we will focus App Center on delivering a world-class mobile and desktop DevOps experience.

Updates to macOS Build Agents

As apps move to build on the latest and greatest sets of build tools, we have seen a dwindling demand for building on High Sierra.

A Bite-Sized Daily Digest for Crashes in Visual Studio App Center

We’re excited to announce the launch of a daily digest for crashes in Visual Studio App Center! This bite-sized email gives you a single view of your daily activity of new crash groups.

HockeyApp is being retired

HockeyApp has officially retired.

HockeyApp Transition to Visual Studio App Center – October Update

Visual Studio App Center is still closing important feature gaps as HockeyApp is in the process of transitioning to App Center. See what we’ve been working on in October and learn more about what we’ve committed to on our roadmap.

October Updates for Visual Studio App Center’s Windows Support

This month, we’re excited to announce the General Availability support for WPF and WinForms applications, targeting both .NET Framework and .NET Core 3.

Securely Access, Visualize and Manage your Mobile App Data with Data Metrics View and Data Explorer capabilities in Visual Studio App Center

The App Center Data Explorer allows you to engage directly with and manage your data in the App Center portal. You have complete control over your Data. You can create, read, update, and delete documents directly in App Center. Previously, this was only available through the App Center Data client SDKs and the Azure portal.

HockeyApp Transition to Visual Studio App Center – September Update

Visual Studio App Center is closing important feature gaps as HockeyApp is transitioning to App Center later this year. See what we’ve been working on in September and learn more about what we’ve committed to on our road map.

Using the Android App Bundle with Visual Studio App Center

We’ve heard you loud and clear that being able to build and distribute AABs to supporting stores is important to you, and so we’re happy to announce that Visual Studio App Center supports building AABs for all supported Android platforms.

New Dark Theme Available on Visual Studio App Center

Thanks to you taking the time to request features via our Github repo, we are excited to announce that dark theme is available in App Center.