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Customize Your Workflow Notifications with App Center and Azure Logic Apps

Our customers love App Center because it provides them with a feature-rich Continuous Integration (CI) service that works for the most common scenarios. In many cases, developers need to extend a specific service or feature to make it fit into their existing workflow. As an API-first product, we try to either build these features, or provide ...
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App Center: API-First CI/CD for iOS and Android App Development

It’s common for developers to use Visual Studio App Center alongside all the tools they love and rely on, and respecting those preferences and investments is central to the way we design and think about App Center. We hope to put the power to extend and flex your workflow back in your hands by exposing as much as possible through our public ...
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Guest Blog | Playing in the Sandbox: How We Created Minecraft’s Multi-Platform Design

This is special guest post from Mark Grinols, a development lead on the Minecraft team at Microsoft. A key aspect of Minecraft that players love is the ability to play with family and friends on nearly any platform they choose. Offering this breadth of choice to hundreds of millions of players worldwide is a substantial engineering ...
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