PLCrashReporter Maintainership Moving to Microsoft

Lukas Spieß

In 2008, Plausible Labs Cooperative started to write and maintain an open source crash reporting framework for iOS and macOS known as PLCrashReporter. It’s been an incredibly successful journey since then and the framework is now used by many different projects and crash reporting services.

From the beginning of PLCrashReporter, HockeyApp, and then later Microsoft, have been significant collaborators and contributors to PLCrashReporter and it has been an important part of our products for a long time now. In recent years, the team at Plausible Labs have shifted their focus to projects unrelated to crash reporting. As a result, Plausible Labs asked Microsoft to take over maintenance of the project. We’re happy to announce that Microsoft is moving PLCrashReporter to the Microsoft organization on GitHub to continue supporting this valuable project. Of course, the licensing of PLCrashReporter won’t change and we are looking forward to continuing to support the project.

If you’ve any questions or suggestions, we’re all ears, please let us know in the GitHub issue we created in the repository.


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