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Mobile CI/CD 101

The mobile CI/CD approach allows you to simplify and accelerate the process of creating a quality product. Cloud Mobile CI/CD pipeline based on App Center allows to “configure-and-forget” environment for build, test and distribute. In this article we explained mobile development pitfalls and how to avoid them with automation.

Top 5 Mobile App Security Failures and How To Prevent Them

All developers must take into consideration functionality, user experience and security when they build and update their mobile apps. These issues are not insurmountable and can be addressed by increasing a focus on secure mobile development best practices with developer training resources, improved security hygiene and the addition of automated security testing approach into the dev pipeline to establish a strong security baseline.

Publish Enterprise Apps with Visual Studio App Center and Intune

Publishing and distributing line of business apps in an enterprise, can be challenging for both developers and admins. Developers often use custom build tools, manually test across multiple devices and upload apps to an internal company site for distribution. Microsoft Intune offers the company portal for simple and secure distribution of apps...