Announcing Apache Cordova Retirement in App Center

Jihye Eom

Since App Center launched in 2017, we’ve added support for 16 platforms and frameworks. One of the first was Apache Cordova, a cross-platform framework that wraps JavaScript apps in a native container. Along with React Native, it was one of two frameworks to support CodePush and exactly what the community needed as many developers transitioned their skills from web to mobile apps. Since then, the needs of the community have changed just as Cordova’s popularity has waned. Today calls from the Cordova SDK account for less than 1% of App Center’s service.

Consequently, after a 6 month grace period, App Center will discontinue support for Apache Cordova. Support for all other platforms remains unchanged.

  • Effective immediately, App Center will no longer offer the option to create Apache Cordova apps through the portal, CLI or API.
  • Starting April 1, 2022, the App Center service will no longer accept calls from the Cordova SDK. While the services may continue to work for a short period of time afterward, we do not guarantee interaction of services or availability in the App Center portal.

If you have an Apache Cordova app and need assistance evaluating other options, our team is more than happy to assist you via our support channel. Simply open a support ticket under the drop-down menu on the right top corner of the portal.

As always, we appreciate every developer who builds, tests, distributes, and monitors their app with App Center. Today, we also want to extend a very special thanks to every developer who built an Apache Cordova app with us. We hope you had as much fun as we did. 🤖❤️📱