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The Ship List: Visual Studio App Center June Update

(image) Intro With June closing out, we also come to the end of the industry’s spring conference schedule. After multiple developer events around the world we have a vision of the future of mobile and the exciting new things to come. We joined many of you in the developer community at AltConf and, along with it, had a couple of new updates...
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Distribute Android Apps Faster with Visual Studio App Center

Whether you’re working on an early proof of concept, or a beta of an Android app used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, the ability to get your app in the hands of testers is a critical part of the product development cycle. Being able to quickly iterate, distribute, measure, and learn is the best way to create a great app ...
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iOS Development Course: Learn How to Automate Your iOS Development Lifecycle

Course co-authors, Adrian Stevens and Mark Taparauskas, also contributed to this blog post. Building great Objective-C and Swift apps that your customers can rely on takes time and effort. It's important to test early (and often) to verify new code works as expected and doesn't accidently break existing features. Once your users have your ...
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Announcing Auto-Provisioning: Build and Distribute Apps Faster

Getting your app onto your own device, or in the hands of potential testers, can be one of the most time-consuming challenges when developing an iOS app. To install an app on a single device, you must register the device with Apple and sign the app with the relevant provisioning profile. While this isn’t much of an issue for a single device...
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