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Announcing GitLab Support for Visual Studio App Center

A first step to building your app is to select a source provider. As a crucial step in the build process, we are always hoping to make this as seamless as possible. To continue this mission, we are excited to announce the completion of our top feature request for the past few months - support for as a source provider!

Exploring the Visual Studio App Center Data Roadmap

App Center Data combines the mobile focus and “magic” of App Center with the scalability and power of Microsoft’s NoSQL database service known as Cosmos DB. You can completely control your data with the confidence it will always be available.

Expanding the Visual Studio App Center Network with OneSignal

Developers can now look to OneSignal for configuring an integration with App Center Analytics. OneSignal users can choose to send their analytics events to App Center, which delivers powerful querying tools to integrate events across your app and your infrastructure, with SQL-like querying.

App Center Build Adds Cloning of Existing Build Configurations

Over the course of the last few months, we have heard your feedback that you would love to use your existing configured branches as a basis for new build configurations. We’re excited to let you know that one of several improvements coming to our Visual Studio App Center Build service is the ability to clone build configurations from existing