David Ortinau

Principal Product Manager, .NET Multi-platform App UI

David is a Principal Product Manager for .NET at Microsoft, focused on .NET MAUI. A .NET developer since 2002, and versed in a range of programming languages, David has developed web, environmental, and mobile experiences for a wide variety of industries. After several successes with tech startups and running his own software company, David joined Microsoft to follow his passion: crafting tools that help developers create better app experiences. When not at a computer or with his family, David is running through the woods.

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Fall 2022 Updates for Xamarin, Hello iOS 16 and Android 13

iOS 16 is now available. Let's now look at what you need to do with your Xamarin projects before May 1, 2024.

What’s New in Xamarin and Visual Studio 2022

Xamarin has shipped support for the latest Android and iOS versions, and productivity features in Visual Studio 2022. What's next for Xamarin?

The New .NET Multi-platform App UI

With .NET 6 previews starting right around the corner, it is time to start getting excited for the new .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) that was announced at BUILD 2020. This year of .NET has a lot of amazing things for client application developers. Let's review the highlights and set your expectations for the year ahead.

Xamarin.Forms 5.0 is Here!

Xamarin.Forms 5 is here, delivering hundreds of quality improvements and brings to stable release new features including App Themes, Brushes, CarouselView, RadioButton, Shapes and Paths, and SwipeView.

Xamarin Holiday Hack Ideas

Are you looking for some code-related diversions this holiday season to pass the time and have some fun? So are we! Here are some ideas to help inspire us all.

Xamarin.Forms 5 Preview: Advanced UI Controls for Beautiful Apps

Xamarin.Forms 5 brings to stable release features that you have seen in preview over the latest several 4.x releases. This includes solid and gradient , , drag-and-drop, , , and . These new features inject new creative potential for your application designs to create beautiful, interactive experiences. Let's look at those highlights, and then...

Drawing UI with Xamarin.Forms Shapes and Paths

Xamarin.Forms 4.7 introduces drawing controls for Shapes and Paths. These are powerful new cross-platform controls that use the familiar control syntax from UWP and WPF. As well as use the native graphics libraries on each target platform. Learn more!

App Themes for Xamarin.Forms

This new dark and light mode theme helper, AppThemeBinding along with UserAppTheme make it really easy to handle theme modes in your Xamarin.Forms apps.

Xamarin.Forms 4.6: Material Components, Shell, and the Future

Today, we are shipping Xamarin.Forms 4.6 with a host of quality improvements, including several new feature previews. With more controls available “in the box” than ever before, it has never been easier to quickly build quality mobile apps with Xamarin!

5 Things to be Excited About Xamarin.Forms 4.5

Today we are thrilled to share that Xamarin.Forms 4.5 is now available bringing you AndroidX, new capabilities for creating responsive UI, and controls "in the box" to speed your development!