Visual Studio’s Full Year in Review (2023)

Jason Chlus

In 2023, we added many new features, fixes, and improvements to Visual Studio 2022 to make your coding experience more productive, enjoyable, and accessible. This blog post looks back at all the notable enhancements that shipped in 2023 for Visual Studio 2022. Here are the recaps for the year: 

For more details, you can check out the links to the original blog posts and the Developer Community suggestions that inspired these features. Thank you for being a part of the Visual Studio family! 

All of these features and more are now available on the recently released Visual Studio 17.9 

Jessie Houghton discusses A year of making you more productive using Git in Visual Studio 

  1. Improved GitHub Integration (GitHub Issue Search, Create a Pull Request, AI Generated Commit Messages) 
  1. Smoothing the inner loop (Merge Enhancements, Stage and Commit during Build, Multi-branch Git graphs, Summary Diff, and more) 
  1. Other Developer Community Improvements 

Nayana Srikanth improves performance Visual Studio Performance Highlights Delivered in 2023 

Nayana has been making performance enhancements since 17.5 which include: Build acceleration for .NET SDK style projects, External Sources De-compilation, Code Coverage, Solution open/close, Git improvements, F5 speed, Solution Explorer and more! 

Mads Kristensen actively discusses 2023 – a year of community experiments 

Mads focuses on making quality of life improvements for developers from community feedback. He explores ideas like differentiating Visual Studio instances, comparing files in Visual Studio, staying up to date with Developer News, the ability to scroll document tabs, my favorite, seeing an Image preview via hover and more! If you like these conversations, follow Mads on X(Twitter). 

Leah Tran can teach you about all the Visual Studio productivity features in 2023 

Sy Brand goes in-depth about A Year of C++ Improvements in Visual Studio 

Sy makes it easy to explore Cross-Platform enhancements, Productivity improvements, Game Development upgrades, IDE Performance, Toolchain components, and learn about vcpkg. There is a ton of work being done in this space, if you are a C++ developer you should check it out. 

Harshada Hole In the Debugger’s Spotlight: A Year in Review 

Harshada focuses on Boosting inner-loop productivity, making External Sources Smarter and Faster, improving Cross-Platform debugging support and of course Performance Upgrades. 

James Montemagno pulls out his Top 10 NEW Visual Studio Features of 2023 for .NET Developers 

James is focusing on the future with features like Dev Tunnels, GitHub Copilot which has a free trial, and GitHub Copilot Chat. He also dives into the Git and PR improvements integrated into Visual Studio, the new Accessibility Checker, .NET Aspire Orchestrator, the UI Refresh and the C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code. 

Harshada Hole takes A Look Back: Visual Studio’s Profiling Tool Advancements in 2023 

Harshada is also focused on booting your productivity with improved instrumentation tools, bringing enhancements across profiling tools, improving test profiling, and of course improving profiling tools performance. 

David Li looks at A Year of C++ Game Development Improvements in Visual Studio 2022 

David highlights impressive work done to improve Unreal Engine Integrations. He also mentions some impactful time savers and quality of life improvements like sticky scroll, the new spell checker, size alignment of types, and much more. Finally, he concludes with enhancements to debugging, performance and Cross-Platform Development. Check out the full blog! 

Amy Nguyen reviews GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio: A Recap of 2023

All of these features and more are now available on the recently released Visual Studio 17.9 

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