TypeScript Developer Survey Results

Ryan Cavanaugh

Last week, we invited you to complete a survey on TypeScript usage. Our goal was to learn more about how developers use TypeScript so that we can make better decisions about how to address your needs in the language and tools in the future. Thanks to the 1,082 developers who responded to the survey. We wanted to share the results with you.

Project Size
We asked about the size of the largest project people had used TypeScript in.

For the most part, projects seem to center around 10kLOC. That’s about the size of jQuery. 20% of projects were at least 25kLOC, which is about the size of Angular.js. We were happy to see TypeScript is being used in 100+kLOC projects by 65 people!

How often are developers working on their TypeScript code? Generally at least several times a week.

Project Types
Public-facing and internal web pages were the most popular kind of project respondents used TypeScript in.

More than half (54%) of respondents were using TypeScript in more than one kind of project. We’re excited to see broad usage of TypeScript in each of these categories.

Editor Usage
A majority of respondents said they used Visual Studio. Other popular editors included Sublime Text (21%), IntelliJ IDEA (20%), WebStorm (16%), and Vim (14%). Nearly a third of respondents use more than one editor.

Open Source on GitHub
21% of respondents have some TypeScript code on a public GitHub repository. We’re interested in how the remainder are hosting their code – private git repositories, TFS, internal source control, something else? What source control workflows work best in a TypeScript project? Let us know in the comments!

Verbatim Comments
Of our 282 comments, 35% of comments had a feature request, with async/await being the most common (25% of feature request comments) and ES6 being the next most common (21%). We’re making great progress on both those fronts. You can read our roadmap on GitHub.

We were very happy with the number of you who gave your time to complete the survey. The results were enlightening for us, and we’ll use them to build an even better TypeScript in the future. Thanks again!


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