The TypeScript Team is Hiring!

Luke Hoban [MS]

The TypeScript team is hiring!  We’ve been growing, and we have lots of exciting plans ahead.

Here are some of the things you’ll do as part of the TypeScript team:

Work on the compiler – Every compiled language needs a compiler, and TypeScript has a good one.  As we add language features and continue to align with the ever-growing JavaScript language, we’re continually working to improve what we have and ensure we’re building on a solid foundation. 

Work on editors/IDEs – In addition to the compiler, the TypeScript team builds the TypeScript language service, which powers the interactive TypeScript experience in Visual Studio, VS Code, Sublime, the TypeScript playground, and more.  You’ll build up what the language service can do by adding support for new editors and new capabilities. 

Be a part of the TypeScript design team – Shape TypeScript by designing features that work well together.  Everyone on the TypeScript team is invited to be a part of the TypeScript design team, submit proposals, discuss proposals, and work with the community to explore ideas in the open.

Make use of data, developer interactions, and community trends to improve TypeScript – As we design and build new features, understanding how developers use TypeScript and other tools lets us focus on the most important areas. Help us find the right places to grow by speaking with the community, using data to understand TypeScript’s rough edges and gaps, and observing upcoming trends.

Grow the TypeScript community – Last but certainly not least, be a part of the rich open source community around TypeScript.  Submit PRs to improve tools, answer questions on forums, write samples, speak to developers at conferences, and assist projects moving to TypeScript.

Whether you feel like you’d be better at community interaction, design, or engineering (or a combination thereof), we’re interested in hearing from you.  You’ll also need to be open to relocating to the Seattle area.  If you feel like you’d be a good fit, send us your resume and tell us a bit about what you’ve worked on and what you’re passionate about.


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