Jakarta EE on Azure – February 2024

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Hi everyone, welcome to the February 2024 update for Jakarta EE on Azure. Microsoft partners with Jakarta EE application server vendors to create Azure Marketplace offers – with Solution Templates and Base Images that allow customers to quickly deploy their software on Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Red Hat OpenShift, and Azure Container Apps. Additionally, there is a wide range of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile documentation guidance provisioned in Azure Learn platform with intent to make it as easy as possible to get started with production ready deployments utilizing best practices from Jakarta EE application server vendors and Microsoft. Furthermore, there are numerous supporting technologies for Cloud Native Java, such as Quarkus extensions, the Azure MicroProfile library, and integrations with other Azure development services. To refresh your experience of using Java EE, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile on Azure, here is the news you should know!


How-to Guide for Setting up HA/DR for WLS on VMs Now Available

The Tutorial: Migrate Oracle WebLogic Server to Azure Virtual Machines with high availability and disaster recovery is now available. The tutorial presents a simple and effective way to implement high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) for Java applications using Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). The key is to attain a minimal Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for a standalone Jakarta EE database application operating on WebLogic Server (WLS) within virtual machines (VMs).

The following diagram illustrates the architecture in the tutorial.

Image solution architect

High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) is a multifaceted subject with numerous potential solutions. The optimal solution will be determined by your specific needs and circumstances. Additional resources related to this topic can be found at the end of the tutorial.


How-to Guide for Using Azure Redis as the Session Cache for WebSphere/Open Liberty is Refreshed

By utilizing the session cache, Jakarta EE applications can provide a faster, more responsive user experience, especially for applications that require frequent access to session data. It is important to properly configure the session cache to ensure optimal performance and scalability of the application. Our Quickstart: Use Azure Cache for Redis in Java provides guidance for incorporating Azure Cache for Redis into a Java app using the Jedis Redis client. The cache is a secure and dedicated resource that can be accessed by any application within the Azure environment.

Moreover, the guide Use Java EE JCache with Open Liberty or WebSphere Liberty on an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster, illustrates how to use Java EE JCache in a containerized Java application deployed to AKS. The Java EE JCache is backed by Azure Cache for Redis as session cache.


OpenJDK 11 and 17 Now Available for JBoss EAP on VM PAYG Offers in Marketplace

OpenJDK 11 and 17 are now available for JBoss EAP on VM PAYG offers in the Marketplace. This means that users can now take advantage of the latest Java development kits for their JBoss EAP deployments, providing improved performance, security, and compatibility. This update highlights the commitment to providing cutting-edge technologies and tools to users within the Marketplace ecosystem.

Image Portal Screenshot

The Marketplace solutions for JBoss EAP on Azure can be found via this link: https://aka.ms/eap-contact-me.


The WebLogic Server on AKS Step by Step Guidance is Refreshed

The WebLogic Server on AKS Marketplace offer automates provisioning an AKS cluster, the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator, WLS Docker images and the Azure Container Registry (ACR). The offer also supports configuring load balancing with Azure App Gateway or Azure Load Balancer, easing database connectivity, publishing metrics to Azure Monitor and the ability to mount Azure Files as Kubernetes Persistent Volumes. The offer will work with any WLS version that supports the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator, such as 14.1.1 and others.

Partnering with Oracle, we also provide step-by-step guidance on getting started with WLS and AKS. This guidance is suitable for customers that wish to remain as close as possible to native Kubernetes deployment experience as an alternative to using a solution template.


Overview of Jakarta EE on Azure offers

Microsoft partners with IBM, Oracle, and Red Hat to bring their app server products to Azure. The Azure Marketplace offers are:

We also have multiple supporting technologies for Cloud Native Java, which include but are not limited to the Quarkus extensions, the Azure MicroProfile library, and integrations into other Azure developer services.

Quarkus Azure Services Extensions are:

Azure Extensions for MicroProfile are:


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