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Visual Studio Code Extension for Arduino is now open sourced!
We are glad to share the news that the Visual Studio Code Extension for Arduino has been open sourced on at! This is a great team effort to provide a good development experience for Arduino developers. Microsoft embraces open source. Thousands of Microsoft engineers use, contribute
MXChip IoT DevKit board package v1.0.0 is now available
After a month work of stabilizing the code, fixing bugs and adding more samples, we are happy to release the v1.0.0 for our IoT DevKit. You can download the latest package by following the get started guide or from direct link here. And soon we will open source the stacks including firmware, toolchain and all sample projects code. Please check
Try Azure IoT with an online Raspberry Pi simulator
Have you ever wanted to try IoT development but had no device at hand? From a recent survey, more than 70% developers who come to learn Azure IoT don't have a physical device so that they can not go on from the beginning. But now it is not a big problem any more. With Azure IoT online Raspberry Pi simulator, you can experience the power of Azu
Debug your Arduino code with Visual Studio Code
Debugging Arduino application is a challenging task as the debugging feature has not been officially supported in Arduino IDE. Many modern IDEs have debug support that developers are used to, using Breakpoints, Steps, Call Stack, Watch, Local/Global Variables, etc. Arduino developers often have to explore many alternative methods and tools
Get Started with Azure IoT today
At //Build 2017, Microsoft Azure made several announcements related to get started development experience with Azure IoT. Based on customers' feedback, most of the developers are focusing on the device-cloud connectivity. Today, you can find more uniformed tutorials about how to connect your devices to Azure IoT and other Azure cloud services
MXChip IoT Developer Kit debut at //build 2017
Last week, we participated in Microsoft's annual developer conference //build 2017. We were super excited to present our first preview version of the MXChip IoT Developer Kit, an Arduino compatible board with rich peripherals that uses Visual Studio Code for development. Our goal was to demonstrate the ease of developing IoT apps by leveraging
Understand Different Connection Strings in Azure IoT Hub
This post first explains the different connection strings in Azure IoT Hub, then gives a simple IoT Hub solution Integrate Azure Functions with Azure IoT Hub using all three connection strings. Connection Strings There're three types of connection strings in Azure IoT Hub: IoT Hub Connection String Used mainly f
Now, Write Arduino Program in Visual Studio Code
Recently, we released Arduino Extension for Visual Studio Code. It brings modern code editing experience to the beloved Arduino platform. Here's what's inside: Technically, the extension was built on top of the Arduino IDE, so you get exactly the same build results of using the original IDE. The extensio
Scenario-based tutorials to learn IoT development with Azure and Azure IoT Hub
Have you ever considered connecting your IoT device to the cloud? Or did you want to build a small IoT solution with your devices and sensors? Now Azure IoT provides you a series of scenario-based tutorials that can help jump start your IoT journey with Azure and Azure IoT Hub.   As a Program Manager from Microsoft Developer Divisio
A “Happy Path” to learn IoT development on Azure
Learning how to develop an IoT (Internet of Things) application on Azure has never been easier! It is no longer a painful journey!   There is a "Happy Path" that, without requiring the developer to be well trained on both device and cloud ends, and anywhere in between, by following a few well-crafted tutorials, using some easy to a