MXChip IoT DevKit board package v1.0.0 is now available

Xin Shi

After a month work of stabilizing the code, fixing bugs and adding more samples, we are happy to release the v1.0.0 for our IoT DevKit. You can download the latest package by following the get started guide or from direct link here. And soon we will open source the stacks including firmware, toolchain and all sample projects code. Please check release summary for details about this update.


Release Summary

  • Updated underlying mbed OS to 5.4
  • Show version number for the default app
  • Installation Scripts
    • Installed pip with script.
    • Optimized error handling when running commands.
    • Adapted to updates of Azure subscription return format using Azure CLI.
  • Stabilization
    • Bug fix: Memory leak on socket layer of Wi-Fi driver.
    • Bug fix: Added retry logic to improve the stability of Azure IoT Device SDK.
  • Arduino Library
    • Refined library APIs to follow Arduino Standard like function naming conventions.
    • Added OLED draw method to control every pixel in display screen.
    • Added support for file system based on mbed OS file system implementation.
    • Added support for IrDA.
  • Project Catalog
    • Added ‘Connect to Azure IoT Hub’ example and documentation that align with other Azure IoT Hub get started tutorials.
    • Added ‘Remote Monitoring’ example and documentation that make DevKit connect to Azure IoT Suite.
    • Added ‘MQTT Client’ example and documentation that send MQTT messages to public free MQTT broker.
    • Shake, Shake: Use testing Twitter bearer token as default, developer can replace it with her own by following the tutorial.
    • Shake, Shake: Added delay and retry logic when not receiving any message due to function delay.


IoT DevKit certified as Azure IoT Starter Kit

The IoT DevKit also recently certified as Azure IoT Starter Kit device, you can check Azure Certified for IoT device catalog for more details.


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