Handy Tool When You Develop With Azure IoT

Zhidi Shang

IoT Application Development is naturally more complicated than regular application development, in that even the simplest E2E IoT application involves a long chain from device layer, to communication layer, then to the cloud and beyond. This makes the development especially the testing and debugging difficult. Even though there are corresponding tools exist at each layer, switching development environment and tools is not a pleasant experience.

In a typical IoT Development scenario, for example, working with Azure IoT Hub, developers often need to work with the device connected to the IoT Hub, sending test messages between device and IoT Hub, and monitoring the message flow. Without a handy tool, developers have to print messages through Serial Monitor on device end, and use different set of tools or even the web browsers to trace the message sent and received from IoT Hub.

We are glad that a community contributor Jun Han, who is also Microsoft employee, donated his personal VS Code extension and converted it into official extension: “Azure IoT Toolkit

It provides some key features that help IoT developers to easily interact with Azure IoT Hub, and the devices connected to it:

  • Device management
    • List devices
    • Get device info
    • Create device
    • Delete device
  • Interact with Azure IoT Hub
    • Send D2C message to IoT Hub
    • Monitor IoT Hub D2C message
    • Send C2D message to device
    • Monitor C2D message from IoT Hub
    • Invoke Direct Method
    • Get/update Device Twin

The tool is very easy to use:

Once installed from VS Code Marketplace or directly from within VS Code extension panel, a tab will show:


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