Data API builder 0.9.7 Released

Davide Mauri

There has been a lot of news and exciting announcements in the past days and Data API builder now join the long list of releases that you don’t want to miss. Version 0.9.7 introduces some interesting features, especially around observability and logging, to make it easier to figure out what’s going on behind the scenes.

Enable Application Insights when self-hosting DAB

Logs can now be streamed to Application Insights for a better monitoring and debugging experience, especially when Data API builder is deployed in Azure. A new telemetry section can be added to the configuration file to enable and configure integration with Application Insights:

"telemetry": { 
	"application-insights": { 
		"enabled": true, // To enable/disable application insights telemetry 
		"connection-string": "{APP_INSIGHTS_CONNECTION_STRING}" // Application Insights connection string to send telemetry 

Read all the details in the Use Application Insights documentation page.

Ignore extraneous fields in rest request body

With the new request-body-strict option, you can now decide if having extra field in the REST payload generates an error (default behavior, backward compatible) or the extra fields is just silently ignored.

"runtime": { 
	"rest": { 
		"enabled": true, 
		"path": "/api", 
		"request-body-strict": true 

By setting the request-body-strict option to false, fields that don’t have a mapping to the related database object are ignored without generating any error.

Adding Application Name for mssql connections

Data API builder now injects in the connection string, for mssql database types only, the value dab-<version> as the Application Name property, making easier to identify the connections in the database server. If Application Name is already present in the connection string, Data API builder version is appended to it.

Support time data type in mssql

time data type is now supported in mssql databases.

Mutations on table with triggers for mssql

Mutations are now fully supported on tables with triggers for mssql databases.

Automatically detect read-only fields in a table

Automatically detect read-only fields the database and prevent users to update/insert those fields.

Complete list of fixes

Take a look at 0.9.7 GitHub release page for a comprehensive list of all the changes and improvements.


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