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Introducing Diagnostics Search and User ID support

When releasing a new version of your app, you might get user complaints about crashes they’re experiencing in the new version. As a developer, you want to find the root cause as soon as possible to minimize the number of users affected. However, if you have millions of users, this could result in millions of crashes. Finding crashes would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Going Public (With Our Plans)

Starting now, we’re opening the doors and letting all of you in, you now have a front row seat to our product planning process. Following the Visual Studio Code model, we published all our current product plans in the App Center GitHub repository.

Give Your Crashes a Context through Logs Attachments

This is a guest post by Jean-Marie Alfonsi, Freelance Software Architect. At the dawn of the app era, crash reporting was a dull and heavy work. You needed to manually retrieve your crash from your smartphone system, put some context in it and then send it to your custom web service. Being in the golden age of apps, we are now pretty ...

A New Year Ahead – the HockeyApp Cutover Experience

Starting today, you can get started with your transition from HockeyApp to App Center through the side-by-side experience. We’ll also update you with full documentation and details on completing your migration to App Center in March 2019 to enable all of our users to complete moving over all apps by November 16, 2019.

The Easy-to-Use and Modular App Center SDK

App Center supports a client SDK that is important to onboard to our services like Analytics, Diagnostics, and Push notifications. These SDKs are open source on GitHub, designed with a modular architecture, and easy-to-use APIs to make sure developers have an easy on-boarding experience. App Center supports a wide variety of SDK platforms - iOS, Android, macOS, DotNet, React Native, and Unity. This blog post covers most of the SDK features shipped by the App Center team this year.

Surging – Remote Teams Working Together in Person for a Week to Make Magic.

(image) Visual Studio App Center has a globally distributed team. We have teams from South Korea, India, USA, Denmark and more. With our distributed nature, we have used all the electronic tools and processes we can to try and enable all of our team members to have a great working experiences and be highly productive, regardless of time ...

Visual Studio App Center’s GitHub App: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

Configuring CI from GitHub is just the beginning when it comes to App Center. Take your app lifecycle to the next level with automated UI testing on real devices and automated distribution to your beta testers, public groups, or directly to the store. App Center’s SDK puts important information such as crashes and usage at your fingertips. Continuously improve your app based off of real data to provide the best experience to your users.