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Easily Check Mobile Device Connectivity with Xamarin.Essentials

As a mobile app developer, it's great to be able to pull data from the server to our apps to provide users with a delightful experience. Of course, until your user puts their device on airplane mode or hits a rough patch with no cell reception. To provide the best user experience we need access to the current network state of our users' device. Better yet, be able to register for changes to that network state. Doing this will allow our mobile apps to react to different network conditions to provide users with instant feedback. With the connectivity API in Xamarin.Essentials, we can do just that with a few lines of code.

Accessing Native Features the Cross-Platform Way with Xamarin.Essentials

Every mobile application requires access to native functionality. When developing native mobile apps with Xamarin, developers are able to integrate deeply into iOS and Android since Xamarin exposes every API directly in C# to access these features. To help streamline and simplify development when needing to add native features to apps we are pleased to introduce Xamarin.Essentials, a new library that abstracts these native APIs into a set of cross-platform APIs. This means that you now have access to over 30 native features from single APIs that can be called directly from your shared business logic.

Connect(); 2018 Xamarin Announcements

Today, at Microsoft Connect(); 2018, we have several exciting announcements about brand new capabilities and foundational improvements in the Xamarin platform driven by your generous feedback. Visual Studio developers everywhere will enjoy updated stable releases of Xamarin with Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2017 for Mac. We are also giving you the first hands-on preview of Visual Studio 2019, along with Xamarin.Forms 4.0. Below are just a few highlights from today’s announcements: