James Montemagno

Principal Manager, Tech PM, Developer Community

James Montemagno is a Principal Lead Program Manager for Developer Community at Microsoft. He has been a .NET developer since 2005, working in a wide range of industries including game development, printer software, and web services. Prior to becoming a Principal Program Manager, James was a professional mobile developer and has now been crafting apps since 2011 with Xamarin. In his spare time, he is most likely cycling around Seattle or guzzling gallons of coffee at a local coffee shop. He co-hosts the weekly development podcast Merge Conflict http://mergeconflict.fm.

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Tips & Tricks on Upgrading Xamarin.iOS & Xamarin.Android to .NET for iOS & Android

There has never been a better time to update & migrate your Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android apps to the latest version of .NET to take advantage of the latest features, support, and performance improvements.

Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 and introducing .NET MAUI Essentials

Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 is here with some great enhancements for your mobile and desktop apps. We also talk about the future of the library with .NET MAUI Essentials.

Building beautiful apps with Xamarin.Forms

Designing great looking apps can be hard, but with a little inspiration and a little styling you can craft beautiful looking apps with Xamarin.Forms

Great Looking Settings Screens for Xamarin.Forms

Looking to spruce up your settings screen in your Xamarin.Forms app? Checkout some quick tips to theme the built in controls in Xamarin.Forms to make your settings shine.

Beautiful Custom RadioButton with Xamarin.Forms 5

Xamarin.Forms 5 introduced control templates for the new RadioButton control that gives you complete control and customization over the user interface.

Query & Interact with Apps in Android 11 with Package Visibility

There are several exciting new APIs and enhancements in Android 11. One of the more interesting changes for developers is changes to package visibility. In this post we will see what package visibility is and what changes need to be made to apps to query and interact with apps installed on the user's device.

Xamarin.Essentials 1.6 preview: macOS, media, and more!

Announcing the preview for Xamarin.Essentials 1.6 that introduces official support for macOS and exciting features including a file & media picker, app actions, screenshots, and much more.

Xamarin.Forms Shell Quick Tip – Modal Navigation

Control exactly how your pages are displayed when navigating leveraging the PresentationMode built into Xamarin.Forms Shell to display modal dialogs animated or not!

App First Run Detection with Xamarin.Essentials

Several great approaches to check if and when your app is launching. For the very first run or for a specific version, all using Xamarin.Essentials! Easily detect the first time your user has run your application or for a specific version to easily integrate prompts.

Preparing Apps for Google Play Android 10 Requirements

There are some new requirements coming to Google Play when it comes to publishing your apps. Learn about updating your apps to target Android 10 (API 29).