Support for Continuous Delivery to Containers and TFVC in Visual Studio 15.6 Preview 2

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We have an update for the Configure Continuous Delivery feature in Visual Studio. For Solutions with an ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core projects you can right click on the solution node and select “Configure Continuous Delivery…”with and without container support. You can always configure Continuous Delivery for solutions under source control in GitHub and VSTS Git repositories to App Service.

With the release of Visual Studio 2017 15.6 Preview 2, you can also configure Continuous Delivery to Web App for Containers – App Service on Linux for solutions under source control in GitHub, VSTS Git repositories as well as TFVC repositories on VSTS. When you click configure Continuous Delivery on the solution menu, the configure continuous delivery automatically detects the source control provider to determine if it is TFVC or Git and the remote source control host to determine if it is VSTS or GitHub.

Configure Continuous Delivery on Solution Menu

If the remote source control host is VSTS and the source control provider is TFVC, the Configure Continuous Delivery dialog automatically selects the remote server path that your local solution folder is mapped to as your source control folder for the continuous integration build definition.

Remote server path auto selected to match local solution folder mapped to source control folder

You can select the target Azure subscription and Azure service host. When you click OK, CD4VS will automatically configure a build and release definition that will fire a build and release whenever anyone on your team checks in code to that source control folder.

Other enhancements

In this preview, we also introduced inline creation of a new Azure App Service for Linux and an Azure Container Registry (ACR) as well as support for SSH authentication to GitHub and VSTS Git repositories. While you are configuring Continuous Delivery for a containerized solution you can target an existing App Service on Linux and ACR or opt to create new ones.

When configuring continuous delivery for a containerized solution you can target an existing App Service on Linux and ACR

When you opt to create a new ACR, you can edit the new Container Registry details to change its name, resource group and location.

Edit New Container Registry

As you configure Continuous Delivery, the dialog will now recognize solutions under source control in VSTS repositories that only accept authentication over SSH and populate the dialog with repository details and list of available remote branches in that repository.

Please keep the feedback coming!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out and shared feedback and ideas so far. We’re always looking for feedback on where to focus on our efforts. There’s a team alias where you can reach out to the team and others in the community sharing ideas on this topic.

Ahmed Metwally, Senior PM, Visual Studio @cd4vsAhmed is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Platform team focused on improving team collaboration and application lifecycle management integration.


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