Nik Karpinsky

Principal Software Engineer Lead, Visual Studio Profiler

I lead the profiling team within Visual Studio who's mission is to help answer "Why is my code slow?!?!"

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Case Study: Double performance in under 30 minutes

SummaryRecently I was converting some decompression code to C# so that we could use it cross platform and to aid in our team’s effort to migrate our new analysis process to .NET 6. After I got the initial implementation done with the simplest, cleanest code that I could, I proceeded to profile it to make sure I wasn’t doing anything ...

CPU Usage Tool Improvements

With Visual Studio 2022, we have converted the CPU Usage tool in the Performance Profiler to the profiler’s new analysis engine. This new change provides the tool with better source resolution, incremental/cancelable symbol loading, a performance boost, and a new flame graph.

.NET Object Allocation Tool Performance

With the release of Visual Studio 16.10 comes a new analysis engine for the Performance Profiler, with the .NET Object Allocation Tool being the first tool to be onboarded. This provides the tool with some new features and a significant perf boost. Give it a shot with your C# app and see what spurious allocations you can remove to speed up ...

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