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PowerApps – Filtering BrowseGallery by Choice Field Values

After researching, it is clear that the Choice fields are not seen as Text fields (despite SharePoint treating them as Text fields). So the Search ignores the “Track” Choice field.

Cloud Economics

In this article, we will explore how to track costs from these 3 cloud service providers. We will also carve out a strategy to estimate on-premise costs.

Connecting an Azure Logic App to a local Web API

In this article, I’ll show you how you can test your Logic Apps with your on-prem systems using a few cool tools and services.

Working with Azure Storage Blobs with a Java Azure Function

As a long-time C# developer, working with Java is a big change. It’s a completely new way to package files, include dependencies, and host applications. Luckily, the code syntax is very similar. Hopefully, this blog helps anyone looking to make a similar transition and work with Azure Functions using multiple languages.

Importing an OpenAPI API into Azure API Management Service

By leveraging Azure API Management for administration, developers can quickly import their applications and manage their systems on a global level. Through the Azure portal or code, you can get your APIs into a managed environment and help your users develop their applications.

How to Post a File to an Azure Function in 3 Minutes

Recently, I needed to upload a file to Azure Functions, and found a hard time finding a blog on the easiest/fastest way to do it. So, I decided to write this quick article to show you how. And I think I can do it under 3 minutes!

Setting up for Azure B2C development

The following describes some techniques, tools and approaches I found useful when developing applications with Azure AD B2C. The first part deals with setting up a newly created B2C tenant using the Azure portal only. The second part deals with developing custom journeys (Identity Experience Framework) xml policies.

Reducing SNAT Port consumption in Azure App Services

If you find yourself struggling with SNAT ports using Azure App Services and your destination is an Azure service that supports service endpoints, regional VNET integration with Service Endpoints or Private Endpoints can provide a fairly simple way to allow these requests to use an internal, optimized route and avoid SNAT port limitations.

MicroFrontends With Blazor WebAssembly

In this post we were able to demonstrate how to maintain different components as separate libraries which could be imported into the main shell in order to allow modular distributed development.

SharePoint Workflow transformation to Power Automate

The SharePoint Workflow transformation to Power Automate workshop is targeted toward a Business and IT audience and focuses on workflow assessment and migration guidance to Power Automate in a discovery and hands-on learning event.