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There’s more to Power Platform than low-code/no-code development

Power Platform is incredibly powerful and capable. If you are new to Power Platform, there are a lot of great reasons to check it out, but if you are already an organization using Office 365, you may be missing out.

Claims encryption for B2C tokens

Once you sign in and consent, you should see TokenEncryption API in your Enterprise Apps. You will then be able to register your own client applications (recipients of encrypted tokens), set their API Permission to access the Token Encryption API with decrypt application permission, and use client credentials to request a token.

Sample script to transform SharePoint Migration Tool reports

This is a simple script that transforms SPMT reports into folders, broken out by website so people working on specific pages can easily see which action items pertain to them.

Generate a Service Bus SAS Token and Manage Token renewal using Azure Runbooks

This article covers the process of generating a service bus token using PowerShell, using an azure runbook to cover token generation and renewal, and the how process can be automated and managed with a CI/CD pipeline.

Microsoft Identity Platform which OAuth flow should I use?

Microsoft Identity Platform: which OAuth2 flow should I use? My non-prescriptive one-page guide in choosing the right auth flow for every situation.

How to Surface a Classic Solution in a Modern Page

This post will go over how to surface a classic SharePoint HTML/JS/CSS solution in a modern page or teams tab.

Collect and Automate Diagnostic Actions with Azure App Services

Troubleshooting production systems is often a balance between restoring services quickly and trying to collect enough information to isolate what caused the issue. For complex application issues, it’s almost always helpful to capture a memory dump.

Azure DevOps Services: Essentials – Git with Visual Studio and VS Code

The Azure DevOps Services: Essentials – Git with Visual Studio WorkshopPLUS is an instructor-led training course that provides participants with the fundamental knowledge that is required to use Git with Visual Studio.  It provides detailed guidance for working with version control, work items, automated builds, and deployments. 

Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning

Machine learning is a very powerful tool for businesses and researchers to create predictions for data problems. However, there are many steps to creating models and not every model is suited for each problem. We have to use a combination of human judgment and computational techniques to create the right model.

Scaling User experiences with Micro frontends

Users expect software to be approachable and familiar on any device they use. Modern user experiences are cross platform spanning the web, apps, and operating systems putting users in the center.