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Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning

Machine learning is a very powerful tool for businesses and researchers to create predictions for data problems. However, there are many steps to creating models and not every model is suited for each problem. We have to use a combination of human judgment and computational techniques to create the right model.

Scaling User experiences with Micro frontends

Users expect software to be approachable and familiar on any device they use. Modern user experiences are cross platform spanning the web, apps, and operating systems putting users in the center.

Go and C# Comparison

In this post, App. Dev. Manager Vishal Saroopchand showcases similarities and differences on important topics for C# developers learning Go.

Taste of Premier: Azure Security Center

Security is foundational for Azure. Take advantage of multi-layered security provided across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations.

Measuring Concurrent Jobs Over Time

If you are looking to move your Azure DevOps Server or TFS implementation to Azure DevOps Services, you will find that the licensing and pricing around concurrent jobs has changed.

Using OAuth2 OBO with Azure AD B2C

This sample uses a custom web service (B2BOBOWeb) to provide a token endpoint, which handles the Extension Grant requests and communicates with B2C to respond with a valid response (access token). It uses a specific B2C tenant configured with custom journeys to handle this communication.

Securing Blazor WebAssembly Application With Azure Active Directory

In this post, Consultants Wael Kdouh and Marius Rochon shows how to secure Blazor WebAssembly Applications with Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft Design Inclusivo

O Design Inclusivo não apenas abre nossos produtos e experiências para mais pessoas com uma gama maior de habilidades como também reflete como as pessoas realmente são. Todos nós estamos evoluindo, mudando e se adaptando ao mundo ao seu redor todos os dias. Queremos que nossos projetos reflitam essa diversidade.

Microsoft Inclusive Design

Designing for inclusivity not only opens up our products and experiences to more people with a wider range of abilities. It also reflects how people really are. All humans are growing, changing, and adapting to the world around them every day. We want our designs to reflect that diversity.

GitHub Actions Overview

In this post, App Dev Managers Bernard Apolinario, Sujith Nair, and Latha Natarajan gives a thorough overview of GitHub Actions.

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