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vcpkg Host Dependencies for Cross-Compilation

If you’re not familiar with our C++ library manager vcpkg, welcome! This post covers an intermediate/advanced topic, so you may want to first get an overview and try things out from the vcpkg GitHub page or some of our previous blogs.   Introduction One of the best features of C++ is that it generates tailored, specialized code for...

Jupyter in Visual Studio Code – April 2021 Release

We are pleased to announce that the April 2021 release of the Jupyter Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available. If working with Python, we recommend installing the Python extension directly from the extension gallery in Visual Studio Code. If you already have the Python or Jupyter extensions installed, you can also get the ...

Angular Language Service for Visual Studio Update

Last August, the JavaScript/TypeScript tools team released the Angular Language Service for Visual Studio customers. We wanted to appeal to the many ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core users that are building their front-end projects with Angular. Though there was a lot of praise around this extension, the experience was not so great for all users...

Unit Testing Azure DevOps UI Extensions

Mocking cloud service dependencies in modern applications is essential for independent unit testing. We show how to mock all relevant parts of the Azure DevOps Extension SDK, Azure DevOps Extension API as well as other external APIs to create meaningful unit tests for Azure DevOps UI Extensions and reach full code coverage.