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Visio 2010 Connectivity API

In this blog post, we introduce the new Visio 2010 methods used for working with connected diagrams. Then we will see these methods in action by doing a visual walk-through of a program that manipulates a flowchart.

NPM package for Visio JavaScript APIs

Visio JavaScript APIs extend the capabilities of Visio Online by enabling developers to build rich mashup solutions to meet their organization’s specific needs. The solution needs to reference the Visio JavaScript library from the CDN location. This blog discusses how to install NPM and acquire IntelliSense definitions.

Migrate from Visio Web Access to Visio Online

Visio Online replaces Visio Web Access (also called Visio Services) in SharePoint Online. Visio Online is the new way to view, create and share Visio diagrams in SharePoint Online. As part of the Office Online ecosystem, Visio Online includes a modern UI, introduces performance improvements and has richer capabilities that aren’t available in Visio Web Access. This blog describes how you can migrate from Visio Web Access to Visio Online using different examples.

Working with Connected Diagrams Programmatically, part 1

In a previous blog post, we told you about the new Connectivity APIs in Visio 2010 that make it easier for developers to create and to move across a connected diagram. We’ve shown you how to use some of the new APIs to create new connected shapes; this blog will examine techniques for traversing connected diagrams. One of the most useful APIs for analyzing a connected diagram is the Shape.ConnectedShapes method, which allows you to get a reference to the shapes connected to a shape.

Visio 2010 XML Schema Definition Released

Visio has published the XML Schema Definition (XSD) files for the Microsoft Visio 2010 XML Drawing (.vdx) format. This schema is also known as DatadiagramML. The .XSD files allow developers to better understand the structure of Visio XML documents and design solutions that work with the .VDX file format.

New Visio 2010 API for Configuring Raster Export

Visio developer typically want to automate the export a diagram as a raster image in the PNG, JPG, BMP, or TIFF format for use in a web page or other applications. In this post, we’ll talk about the additions to the Visio object model that let developers configure each of these raster export settings.

User Interface Extensibility in Visio 2010

Learn about RibbonX, a XML markup that allows developers to customize the Office UI. It enables 3rd party developers and solution providers to build custom tabs and groups on top of the Ribbon, and target scenarios unique to and optimized for their customers. As Visio adopts the Fluent UI, Visio developers now also have the opportunity to utilize this platform to build and customize Fluent UI to offer users a more discoverable and instructive UI experience.