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Developer Reference for Visio 2007 Viewer released

The Visio 2007 Viewer Developer Reference is up and can be accessed at: The reference includes the full API reference and some short samples on how to embedded the viewer in different environments.  The Viewer provides an application ...

Overview of Visio Services JavaScript Mashup API

Previously, we took a look at how to create interactive mashups with Visio diagrams without writing any code. If you need more flexibility in creating rich diagram mashups than offered out of the box by web part connections, you can use the Visio Services JavaScript Mashup API. In this post we'll review the breadth of possibilities by the Visio Services Mashup API and show you how to get started coding with a few simple examples.

Creating Visio Add-ins with VSTO 2005 SE

There have been several newsgroup postings about using VSTO to create Visio Add-ins.  The deployment of these add-ins can be especially challenging.  There is a new developer article by Chris Castillo detailing how to write VSTO add-ins for Visio.  Chris explains why using VSTO is desirable and aggregates information from a number of sources to walk you through the development and deployment process.