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FactSet for Excel leverages the EquivalentAddin element for COM add-in compatibility

FactSet delivers flexible, open data and software solutions which help investment professionals see and seize opportunity sooner. The FactSet for Excel add-in enables users to bolster their Excel models and workbooks with dynamic, refreshable FactSet content including financials, estimates, prices, ownership, credit analysis, and more.

What’s new for Excel add-ins developers in 2021 

When it comes to extending Excel, the Office Add-ins platform makes it easy for you to get your data into the hands of Excel users across Windows, Mac, and on the web. Our team is invested in helping you build your own capabilities into software used by millions of people worldwide.  

Letsignit leverages the Outlook Add-ins Platform to manage email signatures

Today we'd like to introduce you to Sébastien Telouk who is the Vice President of Sales at Letsignit, an email signature management solution for Microsoft 365. He sat down with us to chat about how Letsignit has leveraged the power of Outlook Add-ins to bring their email signature management system to life. Tell us about Letsignit ...