Math in Office

User, developer, and accessibility info on math editing/display in Microsoft Office and Windows. New features and specifications of the RichEdit editor. Getting OfficeMath onto web apps

It’s been so fine!

TL;DR I’m 51₁₆ long past the usual retirement age. So, after more than 30 years working with super talented, fun people at the best software company in the world, I’m retiring from Microsoft 😊. Stephen Chua now owns Math in Office. It all started in 1988 when I had a summer job getting Microsoft’s CodeView debugger running in ...

Math Dictation

You can dictate faster than you can write or type it, so math dictation can be handy for anyone working with math, notably on mobile devices. It can also make math more accessible. Math speech is similar to UnicodeMath, which you can use to enter equations into Word, PowerPoint, and other apps. Accordingly, we translate English math speech as...
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