Math in Office

User, developer, and accessibility info on math editing/display in Microsoft Office and Windows. New features and specifications of the RichEdit editor. Getting OfficeMath onto web apps

Math in Office 2006—2019 Listing

This post gives links and brief introductions to my MSDN Math in Office blog posts. Some of the posts aren’t archived and don’t have links. They might be the subjects of future posts. Contents Math Autocomplete. 6 Math Zone Navigation. 6 Using MathML-Based Speech to Edit Math in Different Math Models. 7 Using Math ...
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Math in Office 2020—

My MSDN Math in Office blog posts (2006—2019) have been archived since June, 2019 and the blog was retired. Welcome to the new home for Math in Office! There’s lots of news about both the RichEdit editor and OfficeMath, so exciting posts are forthcoming. To start things off, OfficeMath is enabled in the RichEdit housed in the Windows 10...