Math in Office

User, developer, and accessibility info on math editing/display in Microsoft Office and Windows. New features and specifications of the RichEdit editor. Getting OfficeMath onto web apps

RichEdit Emoticon Shortcuts

Seems many email messages and IM’s include emoji smiley faces like 😊. You just type :-) and you get 😉 whether you want it or not! About a year ago, the Microsoft 365 RichEdit started offering such a facility. This post describes the built-in emoticon shortcut strings and the corresponding emoji characters and the APIs for enabling the ...
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RichEdit Hot Keys

In the early microcomputer days, MS-DOS editors like pmate and teco depended on hot keys for navigation and other tasks. With the great support for the mouse, touch, and graphical interface aids like ribbons incorporated into later personal computers, the need for navigation hot keys was greatly diminished. But there are other hot keys that ...