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User, developer, and accessibility info on math editing/display in Microsoft Office and Windows. New features and specifications of the RichEdit editor. Getting OfficeMath onto web apps

MathML mfenced element deprecated on web

The MathML working group is planning to deprecate the <mfenced> element as well as the <mo> fence and separator attributes for use on the web. The justification is to simplify web implementations by deprecating MathML features that are redundant. This post explains how <mfenced> and the fence and separator attributes can be ...
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How I got into technical word processing

This post is an update of an early post that doesn't appear to be archived. It tells a bit of how I started in technical word processing back in the middle of the last century. More precisely it was in 1965 that I started using a nifty (for that time) vector plotting program by Grey Freeman at the Yale Computer Center. I was a Yale grad ...
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Unicode Math Calligraphic Alphabets

The Unicode Standard needs to encode regular and bold math calligraphic/chancery alphabets as well as regular and bold and fancy-script/roundhand alphabets, since chancery and roundhand alphabets are used contrastively by some authors and [La]TeX can support both kinds of letters. In most documents, chancery and roundhand styles can be ...
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