Math in Office

User, developer, and accessibility info on math editing/display in Microsoft Office and Windows. New features and specifications of the RichEdit editor. Getting OfficeMath onto web apps

Displaying Enlarged Images in Popup Window

RichEdit clients may want to zoom images that the user clicks on. To satisfy this need, the Microsoft 365 version of RichEdit supports the EN_IMAGE notification, which notifies the RichEdit client when the mouse moves over an image or the image is clicked on. The client can then display an enlarged image in a new window by sending the RichEdit...
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RichEditD2D Window Controls

This post is for desktop programmers who use RichEdit window controls in their applications and would like to have more display functionality. Examples of such controls include the desktop Outlook To, Cc, and Subject lines as well as WinForms RichTextBox controls, WordPad, and myriad other programs. It’s easy to create a RichEdit window ...