Microsoft Build of OpenJDK on Azure Platform Services

Jason Freeberg

In an earlier blog post Bruno Borges, Principal Program Manager on the Java Engineering Group, mentioned that Azure services would begin using the Microsoft build of OpenJDK starting with the October 2021 Patch Set Updates (PSU) release. There are over 300k internal JVMs in production today for Microsoft’s own systems already running Microsoft build of OpenJDK, and we expect to substantially increase this very soon, especially when we continue to migrate Azure services to this new build. As was promised, we have more information about the Java Development Kit (JDK) rollout on Azure App Service, Functions, and Spring Cloud!

Azure App Service and Functions

Java 8 and 11 are currently offered on Azure App Service and Functions using Zulu, Azul’s builds of OpenJDK. Starting January 2022, these services will begin rolling out the Microsoft build of OpenJDK for Java 11, and Eclipse Temurin build (by the Eclipse Adoptium project) for Java 8. We expect the roll out to fully complete by the end of March 2022.

The Microsoft build of the OpenJDK is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the Zulu for Azure binaries. The Zulu for Azure binaries will not be removed from the platform, so if you’re currently “pinned” to an older patch version of Java, you can remain there for the time being. Please note that any performance improvements and security patches will only be available on new releases of the OpenJDK, which will be delivered via the Microsoft builds of the OpenJDK and Adoptium.

We are excited to share that Java 17 and Tomcat 10 will also be deployed on App Service in the same platform update mentioned above. These new runtimes will be available with the Microsoft build of the OpenJDK on Ubuntu 20. Like previous releases of Java SE and Tomcat on App Service, you can pin to specific versions of Java 17 and Tomcat 10.

Timeline for App Service and Functions

December 2021 New release of App Service and Functions begins deployment
March 2022 Deployment completes. October PSU of Microsoft and Adoptium builds of OpenJDK available in all regions for Java 8, 11, 17.
March/April 2022 Next release of App Service and Functions begins deployment. “Auto-Update” sites will begin using Microsoft and Adoptium builds.


Azure Spring Cloud

Azure Spring Cloud has already released the Microsoft build of the OpenJDK for Java 11, and Adoptium builds for Java 8. Java 17 will be available in the coming months via the Microsoft build of OpenJDK.

Have questions? Please see the documentation for details about the rollout of the Microsoft build of OpenJDK on these services:


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  • Vipin Sharma 0

    It is almost end of March, can we use Java 17 on app service?

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    Is this on the way as we would love to use this for app service in production when we go live in late june.

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