Call for Papers now open: Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024

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The Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 Call for Papers is Now Open!

We are thrilled to announce that the Call for Papers (CFP) for Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 is now officially open! This is an exciting opportunity for you to share your knowledge, experiences, and innovations with a vibrant and diverse community of developers.

About the conference

Azure Cosmos DB Conf is a free virtual developer event co-organized by Microsoft and the Azure Cosmos DB community. Scheduled for April 16, 2024, this conference marks our fourth year of bringing together the brightest minds in the field. It’s not just a conference; it’s a celebration of innovation and collaboration in powering today’s most advanced modern and AI-driven apps.

What to expect

This year’s event promises a wealth of knowledge with sessions delivered by both Microsoft and community experts. The conference will be streamed as a one-day 3-hour show, accompanied by additional on-demand sessions. Expect insightful, pre-recorded 15-minute sessions focusing on various aspects of Azure Cosmos DB.

Why should I submit a session?

Submitting to the Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 is an invaluable opportunity for professionals in the field. It’s not just about showcasing your expertise in Azure Cosmos DB and related technologies, but also about connecting with industry experts and peers, fostering relationships within the community. This platform offers you a chance to gain recognition and enhance your professional profile, contributing to your career growth. Beyond personal recognition, your contribution plays a crucial role in enriching the community’s collective knowledge and experience. It’s also an excellent way to develop and refine your public speaking and presentation skills, engaging with a diverse and global audience. You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Call for Papers is due February 15, 2024.

We invite you to submit your proposals on the following themes:

  • Intelligent Applications with AI and Azure Cosmos DB: Showcasing AI-enabled applications using Azure Cosmos DB’s vector database capabilities with Large Language Models (LLMs) from Azure OpenAI Service.
  • Innovative and Specific Use Cases: Share your unique customer scenarios and solutions where Azure Cosmos DB played a pivotal role.
  • Specific Programming Languages: Insights on utilizing Azure Cosmos DB SDK in languages like Java, Python, and Node.js.
  • Connecting with Open-Source APIs: Experiences in integrating Azure Cosmos DB with APIs like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra, and Gremlin.
  • Demonstration-Heavy Content: Submissions rich in live demonstrations or code are highly encouraged.
  • Data Migration Sessions: Addressing the challenges and strategies in data migration to and from Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Integration with Azure Ecosystem: Exploring the synergy between Azure Cosmos DB and other Azure services.

Submission guidelines

When submitting, please include details about yourself, prior presentation experiences, and any relevant links (videos, code repos, etc.). The selection process will consider your expertise in Azure Cosmos DB and your ability to deliver a confident and well-prepared talk.

Be a part of something amazing

This is your chance to contribute to a globally recognized event. Share your ideas and innovations, and let’s explore the endless possibilities with Azure Cosmos DB together!

Submit your proposal here: Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 CFP Submission Portal

Explore previous sessions

Get inspired by checking out sessions from previous years:

Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2023: Watch the playlist

Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2022: Watch the playlist

We can’t wait to see your submissions and look forward to your participation in making Azure Cosmos DB Conference 2024 a success!

About Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed and serverless distributed database for modern app development, with SLA-backed speed and availability, automatic and instant scalability, and support for open-source PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Apache Cassandra. Try Azure Cosmos DB for free here. To stay in the loop on Azure Cosmos DB updates, follow us on TwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn.

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