Attention Developers: The Cloud-Scale Data for Spring Developers Quick Start Guide is Finally Here!

Ricky Diep

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The purpose of this developer’s quick start guide is to help you build cloud-native Java applications in Azure. You’ll gain insights about using NoSQL and why you should consider Azure Cosmos DB, our fully managed, distributed NoSQL database service on Azure. 

These insights are designed to be useful, starting with a NoSQL background or coming into a project with a relational mindset. Data isn’t the only thing involved in an application, and this guide will take you through working with other Azure services that integrate well with Azure Cosmos DB. 

You’ll learn how to host Java applications in Azure Spring Apps or set up notifications with Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps. 


📃 What This Guide Covers 

Real-world examples will showcase Azure platforms. Since the focus is on cloud-native Java applications, this guide will use Java with Spring Boot throughout. 

In addition, you’ll learn how to use Azure Cosmos DB for your data needs, such as storing product information in Azure Cosmos DB or sending notifications with Azure Logic Apps to users when products have changed. 

Retail situations and suggestions for other business cases will be included. By the end of this guide, you should have the confidence to build cloud-native Java applications in Azure with Azure Cosmos DB as a data store. You’ll be able to run an application in an Azure pay-as-you-go account with the Azure Cosmos DB free tier. 


📖 Chapters


🚫 Not covered 

This guide doesn’t explain how to migrate existing Java applications to Azure. Migrating existing Java applications is covered in the Java to Azure migration strategy documentation. As well, this guide doesn’t cover relational data storage in Azure. It isn’t intended to be a complete compendium of all things Java and Azure, though there will be many Azure offerings showcased. 


Get Started with Azure Cosmos DB 

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database for modern app development with SLA-backed speed and availability, automatic and instant scalability, and open-source APIs for MongoDB, Cassandra, and other NoSQL engines. Discover features or capabilities at or get started for free. For up-to-date news on all things, Azure Cosmos DB be sure to follow us on Twitter, YouTube, and our blog. 


Build Your Apps for Free on Azure 

Start building your next Java app with Azure by taking advantage of the free app, data, and AI services. New Azure customers can sign up for an Azure Free Account to take advantage of additional free offerings. Visit the Azure Free Account page for more details. 

  • Azure Cosmos DB 1000 RU/s + 25GB Storage (monthly)  
  • Azure DevOps with unlimited private Git Repos for up to 5 users   
  • Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) with free Cluster Management  
  • Azure Functions with up to 1M requests for free   
  • Azure Cognitive Services up to 30,000 transactions free 


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  • Paulo Pinto 0

    Thanks for providing it, however I am missing the PDF version like on the other architecture guides.

    • Ricky DiepMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks for the feedback Paulo, We can work on incorporating a downloadable PDF version soon!

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