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Attention Developers: The Cloud-Scale Data for Spring Developers Quick Start Guide is Finally Here!

  Overview  The purpose of this developer's quick start guide is to help you build cloud-native Java applications in Azure. You’ll gain insights about using NoSQL and why you should consider Azure Cosmos DB, our fully managed, distributed NoSQL database service on Azure.  These insights are designed to be useful, starting with ...

Watch Now! Azure Cosmos DB Essentials Season 3

Season 3 is finally here! Explore and dive into the diverse types of architectures our customers use to build lightweight IoT & real-time telemetry applications by leveraging Azure Cosmos DB. Mustafa Branch and Mark Brown walkthrough use case diagrams, explain how data flows throughout the cloud application architecture, and explore ...

Join Us! Azure Cosmos DB at Microsoft Build 2022

Find out what's new in the world of Azure Cosmos DB directly from our team at Microsoft Build 2022. We will be introducing new features that enable developers to build scalable, cost-effective cloud-native applications with ease. Join senior leadership, program managers, and engineers for live sessions, roundtable discussions, and much ...

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