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Azure Government cloud expands coverage with DoD Impact Level 4 Provisional Authorization, ITAR readiness and FedRAMP High

Today we announced three major Azure compliance additions to support government entities and government partners. Check out the announcement by Tom Keane, Partner Director, Program Management of Microsoft Azure, to learn more about what this means for our US Department of Defense and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) customers and partners.

Microsoft Azure Government adds Premium Storage and expanded Virtual Machine image coverage

<Cross posted from the Azure Blog.> Today, I am pleased to announce additional functionality for Microsoft Azure Government. In support of key customer requests, and service portfolio expansion, we have added support for Premium Storage and several additional pre-configured Virtual Machine images.  Azure Government customers can begin...

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The Azure Government cloud is continuously adding new capabilities, features and services.  To help you stay up to date and learn how to better utilize Azure Goverment, we are sharing the latest information, insights and how to’s on the Azure Government blog. To stay informed and engage with the Azure Government team, be sure to subscribe...

Announcing Dv2-Series Virtual Machines in US Gov – Iowa

In the last few weeks, we have made Dv2-Series VMs available in the US Gov – Iowa region for Azure Government. This means that both Azure Government regions now have access to D-Series VMs.  US Gov – Virginia has the original D-Series VMs. Dv2-Series VMs (a follow-on to the original D-Series VMs) feature similar memory and hard disk ...